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Top 12 Best Legendary Heroes in Castle Clash - Part 2

Best Legendary Heroes Review in Castle Clash - Part 2, Android, APP, Game

7. Dread Drake
Hit Points: 4800, Attack Power: 240, Flying: No
The Dread Drake is a Mythical Hero with quick moving speed and among the Greatest Hit Points of all heroes but this hero can only be acquired through gems, cards or events . He's also referred to as the Pirate Captain. His ability Cannon Blast deals 90 percent damage to 4 arbitrary goals & stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 90% of damage to 4 random targets & stuns them upto 1.5 seconds. Negates 45% of damage taken for 2.5 seconds. Has Level 5 Revitalize & fast Energy recovery.

8. Anubis
Hit Points: 3600, Attack Power: 205, Flying: No
Anubis is the sole known legendary hero which may revive up to 3 times. Anubis's ability, like Triton's, reaches a max upto 100 times. Anubis can only be acquired through rolling with in game Gems.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 80% attack damage to a maximum of 100 enemies and reduces their attack by 15% for 10 seconds. Cool down time is: 8 seconds. Hero also transforms for 12 seconds, gaining immunity to Silence and Calamity, reducing damage received by 20%, and reducing Skill cooldown to 5 seconds.

9. Ghoulem
Hit Points: 4800, Attack Power: 200, Flying: No
Attack damages around 8 neighboring enemies dealing 1/12th damage per target unit each 0.4 minute up to a maximum of 12 times per target over the 5 minutes skill duration. Can cure up to a maximum of 20 heroes every 0.4 seconds within a variety of 20.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals damage equal to 60% attack to nearby enemies over 5 seconds. Also restores Hit Points equals to 120% attack to allies & reduces their damage taken by 10% for 5 seconds. This Hero is also immune to Stun and Fear.

10. Lil_Nick
Hit Points: 2000, Attack Power: 215, Flying: No
Lil' Nick is the 10th Legendary Hero in our list. Frostbite deals 100% assault damage to 15 target units each 6 minutes, and frees them for 1 minute. Lil'Nick's Frostbite mechanically procs if he's attacking and defending.

Skills At Level-1:
Increases own attack by 100% and CRIT Rate by 15% for 9s. Cooldown for 12 seconds. Also has Frostbite Talent, which deals 100% attack damage upto to 15 targets every 6 seconds and freezing them for 1 seconds.

11. Arctica
Hit Points: 2600, Attack Power: 220, Flying: Yes
This mythical hero can't be hired and can only get by going through game events. Advantage of Arctica as a flying unit is that it can't be attacked by melee ground units or with the Cannon Tower.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals damage equals to 100% attack to enemies in front, freezing them for 1.5 seconds and buildings for 2.5 seconds, removing all buffs. Hero has level 5 Condemnation. Cooldown time 6 seconds.
12. Spirit Mage
Hit Points: 1200, Attack Power: 270, Flying: Yes
He's a Mage and is the 12th hero in our list, and he has ranged attacks. His brilliance, Magic Missile does a great deal of damage to several targets, and so is effective at wiping out many buildings and Heroes in 1 attack.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 200% damage to 2 random nearby targets and it rapidly grows with next skill levels as 2000, 10,000, 30,000, 70,000 etc.

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