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Lords Mobile Top 10 Best Heroes Guide

 Lords Mobile Best Heroes List | Top 10 Reviews

1. Death Knight
Name: Shane, Species: Un-dead Human, Movement: Running
Death Knight is the best tank in the game, he dies and comes back to live. Deals 105/110/120/140/200% Squad attack as damage to enemy Troops.

Hero Skills:
Desolation: Unleashes a chill, dealing damage and inflicting Knock back and Freeze to nearby enemies in a large area for 3 seconds.

2. Demon Slayer
Name: Shroud, Species: Un-dead Human, Movement: Running
Fights harder than any other hero. He immediately goes to the back side to fight and allows the front side hero's to handle attack while he handles the back side hero's. He works as a perfect unit. Demon Slayer is also the most viscous players in this game if upgraded properly. This hero is irreplaceable.

Hero Skills:
Spin and smashes close enemies in big area, causing damage 2x times and reducing M-CRIT for 6 seconds. Deals physical damage to enemy units. increase with skills level @ 100% chance of wining with this attack if enemy units are below level 42.

3. Death Archer
Name: Cathiss, Species: Elf, Movement: Running
With her pretty innocent eyes, seduces her victims and lures them in for the kill. She sets out planning to demonstrate her superiority within the Elves. She treats her victims like toys, finding pleasure in torturing them.

Hero Skills:
Venom Shot Fires a poisonous arrow at the enemy dealing damage and inflicting Poison for 4 seconds and Toxic Blast Hurls a grenade, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium range around the target, inflicting Poison for 3 seconds.

4. Black Crow
Name: Chadra, Species: Drow Movement: Running
This Hero is a renowned archer having a nickname for bringing bad luck to others. This earned her the name "Black Crow." Like most of other Drows, Chadra hates Humans because of their tyranny. She participates actively in their wars, trusting to instigate additional battle.

Hero Skills:
Arrow Rain Fires a barrage of arrows, blanketing a medium area. Hits enemies in range 3x times each and Achilles' Shot Fires an arrow at an enemy's weak spot, dealing damage and inflicting Bleeding for 3 seconds.

5. Bombin Goblin
Name: Tinkus, Species: Goblin, Movement: Running
As a Hero Tinkus includes a cavalier enthusiasm for explosives. Coupled with his mischievous nature, this really is just one Goblin everybody ought to be careful of; particularly if he's in a happy mood.

Hero Skills:
Chain Reaction - Throws multiple bombs at the target, dealing damage 5 times to all enemies in a medium area and Big Bomb - Throws a bomb at the target, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area.

6. Child Of Light
Name: Sparky, Species: Lapin, Movement: Running
The Lapins are forest dwellers with tremendous strength and a serious sense of smell. They're Also worshipers of Apollo, God of the Sun. Consequently their descendants are known as the Children of Light so this Hero is one of them.

Hero Skills:
Apollo's Brand - Attacks the target with the power of the Sun, causing damage to close enemies in a medium area and inflicting Stun for 5 seconds and Apollo's Ward - Wields a magical barrier to protect the weakest ally, absorbing all incoming damage for 4 seconds.

7. Prima Donna
Name: Felcia, Species: Pixie, Movement: Flying
Pixies are miniature, winged sprites with magical voices. Pixie wings function as a portal into the fantasy realm. In theory, it is possible for you to reside in fantasies. Amidst this endless warfare, Felicia can not shake the doubt that her truth is just a fantasy.

Hero Skills:
Athena's Anthem - Sings Athena's Anthem, healing all allies and applying a heal for 4 seconds and Sonic Howl - Unleashes a deafening howl, causing damage to a target.

8. Sea Squire
Name: Lochfin, Species: FishMan, Movement: Running, Swimming
The Merfolk Chief Lochfin's eyes have been fixed on the towns of Man; he hungers for the taste of their Man-flesh behind these large city walls. Over time, Merfolks gained the capability to survive both land and from the water. Equipped with the insatiable desire, they feed on almost anything like humans.

Hero Skills:
Tidal Wave - Sends a furious tide upon the target in a medium area, dealing damage for 5 seconds and Wild Vortex - Unleashes a vortex that bounces among enemies, dealing damage up to 6 times.

9. Elementalist
Name: Rasmus, Species: Elemental, Movement: Flying
Rasmus is a 20,000-year-old protector of the Elementals. He shows great interest from the physical world and spends his entire life there exploring its own wonders.

Hero Skills:
Seismism - Summons long distaence tremors that shake the earth, dealing damage to all enemies in a range and Elemental Shot - Releases a magical arrow fused with the power of fire and ice, dealing damage to all enemy units in a small area around the main target.

10. Shade
Name: Blink, Species: Drow, Movement: Running
10th Hero in our list is Blink and he is a barbarous and effective assassin that hasn't failed a mission. Nothing gets in the way of Blink and its prey. Blink softly slides a dagger round its victim's throat. Seconds after, Blink vanishes back into the dark night.

Hero Skills:
Deals up to 200% squad attack as well as damage to the enemy troops, moves quickly to the side of the enemy to attack, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area, attacking each 3 times. Physical damage increases with respect to hero level.

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