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Clash of Lords 2 Top 10 Best Heroes - Part-2

Clash of Lords 2 Top 10 Best Heroes - Part-2

Clash of Lords 2 Best Heros  |  Top 10 Review

6. Demon Slayer
Hero Skills: Devil's Onslaught, Salvation Troops
Demon Slayer is a goofy looking black monster that wears a complete set of gold knight armor. On his left arm that he wields a defense made from the skull of a wicked creature. Demon Slayer is a Strong Epic Melee Hero and one of the Best and 6th one in our Top Ten List with some rather special utility keeping him applicable in several game modes despite being outclassed by additional melee heroes in a lot of ways. His ability was quite helpful for having the ability to wipe out a high number of mercenaries simultaneously.

His real utility comes in a aid skill that's unmatched and an extremely unique celestial ability. At its best his aid ability raises the amount of mercenaries beneath the heroes control by 12 that is more than two times as far as the next greatest heroes.

7. Blockhead
Hero Skills: Gaia's Rage, Savage Oath
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Blockhead is a massive stone figure that seems to be wearing armor made from stone. Blockhead is a exceptional Epic Melee Hero that has preserved usefulness. He's in a position to raise Hero Attack Rate around 50 percent that's hugely beneficial to all heroes.

His ability may substantially increase the Attack Rate and Speed for himself and all friendly Executioners.

8. Hydrasaur
Hero Skills: Azure Surge, Ice & Fire
Hydrasaur is a two led ragged flying monster. Half of the body is coloured blue while the other half is red. As a flying hero his unaided attack speed is 1 strike per second that's true for each flying hero. Hydrasaur's Divine Skill supplies a highly effective enthusiast for many flying units, these international buffs can be quite successful in some Game Modes.

Hydrasaur's skill corrects all of allied heroes according to Hydrasaur's Attack. The quantity of recovery is quite outclassed by other healers. In lv 25 Hydrasaurs ability fixes for 6,400+480 percent of Hydrasaur's Attack.

9. Skull Mage
Hero Skills: Source Beam, Covert Forces
Skull Mage seems like a spector with big red eyes and demon horns. Skull Mage is a Epic Ranged Hero who's a vital serenity of the Wizard Mercenary strat where you load up your team with the top Heroes who direct Wizards to be able to deal the most damage possible.

The ability is uncertain as it really fans all allied Wizard Mercenaries as may be found by a luminous blue orb over all components having the buff.

10. Dark Rider
Hero Skills: Destruction Halo, Dark Blessings
Dark Rider is a fearsome looking knight that amuses a pair of intimidating heavy armor and riding a fiery black stallion. Dark Rider is a epic melee hero. Together with his high HP and also his harm diminishing active ability, he's best suited to the function of a tank. Dark Rider can reach Enlightenment. Doing this improves virtually every facet of him.

His ability employs a enthusiast to himself and user-friendly Executioner mercenaries which raises Attack by a little and Damage reduction by a substantial sum for the 15 seconds that is exactly the exact same length as the skills cooldown.

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