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Clash of Lords 2 Top 10 Best Heroes

Clash of Lords 2 Best Heros  |  Top 10 Review

1. Bullhead
Hero Skills: Bulldozer, Bully
Bullhead is a bull with a humanoid figure, or as his title implies he's a human having a bullhead.He does also have hooves for feet, but his hands are definitely human. Bullhead is a Powerful Hero and one of the Best and First one in our Top Ten List with the capability to set out some punishment whilst at the same time staying alive for long enough to create that punishment depend that isn't too typical from the game as most melee heroes are either farther towards the tanky or bursty side. He controls Ox Warrior mercenaries that go after guards as their principal goal.

His ability deals strong aoe harm both in a circle round him having an area of effect size very similar to that of Ambrosia's ability Retribution. The ability also gives his assault frontal region of effect and promotes his harm loss significantly for its length. Additionally his ability debuffs enemy strike rate greatly and fans the assault of all of your ox warriors.

2. Abyss Demon
Hero Skills: Blood Feast, Deadly Aura
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Abyss Demon is a armored demon having a wicked looking tail that wields a giant sword where he brings his foes to his knees. Abyss Demon is a very powerful Epic Melee Hero that cannot just match the use of main tank, but chief team fixes too. He's among the few heroes from the game that has Enlightenment unlocked.

His ability heals himself for every strike he makes and cure his party to get roughly half the sum. This heal can be unbelievably important at high levels and because it's purely dependent on him assaulting could be significantly promoted by raising his attack speed.

3. Chiron
Hero Skills: Doppleganger, Barbed Plate
Chiron is a centaur who wears a jousters helmet equipped with two forward facing red horns. He's got a strong upper body by which he quickly fires off flaming arrows in his foes. Chiron is a very versatile Epic Hero who will meet many different different functions throughout the centre degrees but loses a number of his punch to additional heroes in maximum levels.

His ability boosts the assault of all of your Sharpshooters, not only the ones under Chiron's command. This ability is fundamental to Sharpshooter established strats. His ability also produces numerous powerful clones who consume a bunch of damage.

4. Arctic Lord
Hero Skills: Avalanche Dash, Healing Winds
Arctic Lord is a frozen demon like hero who wears a helmet with large bull horns and samurai looking armor with a large red cape. Arctic Lord is a melee hero with special utility.His assault is fair although falling down the list because new strong heroes join the rankings. His celestial makes him invincible for an extraordinary amount of time that may be quite successful in some Game Modes.

His ability fees, or more obviously twists into the furthest enemy possibly dealing a crippling quantity of harm and returns to get started.

5. Pan Goli
Hero Skills: Ragna Rocker, Endless Fury
Pan Goli is a football madman, or angry squirrel? Pan Goli is a very powerful Epic Caster. He's categorized as a competitive hero that's an apt description because he's among the very destructive aoe skills in this game. His skills give him the usefulness to maintain a potent presence in certain game modes and his aide ability is among the most effective in this game.

His Active Skill really sticks 4 fireballs at independent enemies along with his aide ability offers invulnerability for its length when the heroes hp falls to 1 and Divine Skill collapses back, damages, stuns, and reduces harm of numerous Heroes. At Pisces that his Divine gains the further impact of inflicting bleeding.

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