Wednesday, 5 July 2017

How To Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working Error/No Sound Only Vibrate

Nowadays people prefer using there phone alarm unlike the olden days when people are been woken up by continuous ringing of bells and sounds of some animals such as birds. This shows how advanced the world have turned to in terms of technology.

How I Want To Fix/Solve Apple iPhone 5/6+/7 Plus On iOS 8/9/10 Alarm Not Working No Making Sound Only Vibrate Error/Problem

Let’s take for instance; people using iPhones uses there phone to set alarms because of the beautiful tones which are in iPhones, these tones will surely wake you up from sleep. How would you feel, been waked up by beautiful and sweet sound in the early morning, when the weather is cool and the sky dims blue.
Fix iPhone Alarm Not Working
Of course you will feel good and ready to work in the day, but it really sucks most times where n you get screwed up by your phone alarm. What if one faithful day when you have rest your mind on has been waked up by the sweetness sound of your alarm tone. But unfortunately reversed is the case. Therefore, here in this article I will be telling us how to fix iPhone alarm not working errors. I hope you know, that Alarm clock not ringing in the morning is one of the most annoying problems in this life. Due to this, People might miss an appointment and even lose their job.
  1. Check volume level: First thing you need to do is to check the volume level of your  iPhone because a time you might 3 forget to reduce he volume of your phone before going to bed. Due to reducing the volume of your phone, there is probability that your alarm wont ring out.  To increase the volume of your ringer you can use the volume control key which is beside your iPhone.
  2. Check the sound: after you have successfully adjust the ringer volume of your iPhone, you can then check the sound of your alarm by opening the clock app. From the clock app, go to alarm screen and tap edit in the upper left corner then choose an alarm. But before going through this make sure you have set a specific alarm tone so that the sound will play when its time for the clock to sound. ios 10 alarm not working.
  3. Remove third party alarm app: you need to remove any third party alarm app on your iPhone because they might affect your alarm sound negatively.
  4. Reset your iPhone: If after going through this above process and still the problem persist, then at this point in time you will need to reset the settings of your iPhone because it might be possible your iPhone is been reset automatically by system update. alarm not working on iphone 7.
  5. Create new alarm: delete the previous alarm and set new alarm on your IPhone
  6. Reboot your device: after you might have tried fixing the ios 10 alarm only vibrates on iPhone and the problem still persist, then all you have to do ids to reboot your device.
We hope now you can be able to fix the issue of your iPhone alarm no sound only vibrate problem. Stay tuned for more useful tips By GadgetSpirit.

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