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How To Extend Internet Download Manager 30 Days Trial Period iDM

Have you downloaded internet explorer 30 days trial but wondering how to extend the trial period on IDM? Well there is no need to worry about anything because in this article I will be giving some tips on how to extend your internet download manager after its 30 days trial period. But before I proceed, let’s discuss on what internet manager is all about.

My idm is Expired How To Renew

What Is Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager helps in downloading varieties of files on internet. Internet download manager usually strip video links so as to be downloaded from their various sites.


  • Internet download manager is known for its speed at which it can download a file from the internet.
  • Internet download manager comprise of simple installation wizard which helps in checking your settings as well as make you to be able to install a program easily and quickly
  • Internet download manager is capable of recording and downloading various formats of videos with the aid of video grabber.
  • With internet download manager, you will be 100% free from virus. This is because it automatically scan a file and makes sure the file is f3ree from virus before it proceed downloading the file.
  • The internet downloader can be scheduled to connect to the internet at a specific time due to the built in scheduler tool.
There are many more amazing features on internet download manager which are not mentioned in this article so as to save time. Let’s move to the main course at this point in time.
Steps To Extend Internet Download Manager (IDM) 30 Days Trial Period

To how to reinstall internet download manager again is a very simple task. All we just need to do is to re arrange some of its settings and codes. Follow the guides below and extend your idm 30 days trial version serial number With idm trial reset tool
  • First of all download the 30 days trial version on internet download manager.
  • After the end of the trial version, there will be a notification telling you that the internet download manager trial period has expired that you should register to continue using the internet download manager with idm trial reset exe
  • Now at this point, all you need to do is to reset the idm 30 days trial version free download. Press the window button together with R to launch the internet download manager.
  • Quit all application affiliated to how to reset idm default settings
  • After running the application, type regedit and then press enter button to run the registry editor.
  • A key will be shown in the registry directory, Make sure the key is deleted
  • My idm is Expired How To Renew.Uninstall internet download manager and restart your laptop or desktop.
Now you’ve successfully reset your internet download manager and now you can use internet download as long as you want.  
I hope with the above steps you’ve come across, you can now idm expired solution extend internet download manager 30 days trial period.

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