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Download DirectX 11/12 For PC,Laptop,Windows 10/7/8 (64/32 Bit)

DirectX 12 Download Windows 7/8/10 {32/64 Bit} Offline Installer

Have you ever heard of the recent software update by Microsoft? Seriously you are missing a lot if you aren’t aware of this amazing software. The software I’m talking about is DirectX 12. Here in this article I’m going to make us understand what DirectX 12 is all about and I will as well show guides on how it can be downloaded and get it installed on your PC.
Download DirectX 12

What is DirectX12 all about

Like I said earlier on, I said that DirectX 12 is the recent version of DirectX application. This software is used for designing games and multimedia graphics, as well as managing them.
Aside from designing graphics it also handle many tasks on windows base system. If you are a game developer, then DirectX 12 is the best choice reason is that; it’s embedded with some head stunning features that you could ever imagine.

DirectX 12 Features

There are lots of questions people ask. They usually ask that what is so special about DirectX. Well it’s good for us to seek for knowledge about something we don’t know. Below are the features of DirectX12.
  1. With DirectX 12 you don’t need to upgrade your graphics card even no matter how old it is.
  2. DirectX 12 is programmed to run pretty well on systems that have less power of gaming. And as well make gaming easy on lees end systems.
  3. DirectX 12 has capacity to support multi adapter processors and as well boost your windows performance.
  4. This software is the best for any game programmers as well as gamers.
  5. DirectX 12 is known for its simplicity. Therefore, hurry and get it installed on your PC.

Download DirectX12 Steps On Your PC

  1. On your browser visit go to Microsoft site and search for the DirectX 12 download page.
  2. On the download page click on download and as well click on the next button for you to get it downloaded on your PC.
  3. After clicking the Download link, some Microsoft products would be recommended to you. You can skip or check the product, its left for you to choose. Now at this point; you will encounter two options to click so as to move to the next level such as No thanks & continue.
  4. Click on No thanks if you are not downloading the recommended products or you click on continue if you are downloading the recommended products.
  5. Follow the installation instructions for DirectX 12 order to Complete installing DirectX 12 on the Microsoft’s website.
  6. After you have succeeded in downloading and installing the direct x12 on your pc, make sure you restart your PC. Only if you restart your PC, then DirectX 12 will work pretty well on your PC.
  7. Now that your PC is been restart, you can now begin to use the directX12 as expected.
Note: This DirectX 12 software can only be installed by windows 10. It’s unlike other DirectX versions that can work on other windows version.


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more useful tips from GadgetSpirit.

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