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Best Windows Launcher for Android to Get Stunning Windows UI

Top Best Latest Windows Launcher App For Android SmartPhones 2017

It’s obvious that the requirement for Windows phones is high, but windows operating system require payment. . Before windows can be installed on devices the company needs to purchase the license for the OS. Due to this, none of the top phone manufacturers dares launching them
Do you want to switch from Android to Windows mobile? but because the device is not available in your area you can’t do so. Well here I am with the good news, you can give your android phone a better appearance and feel like you are using Microsoft operating system by using the best Windows launcher apps.  Below are the best window launcher for android phones and tablets.

Windows Launcher App Apk For Android

Launcher 8 WP Style: When it comes to the windows launcher for Android category, this is one of the finest apps. This app provides Windows 8.1 OS’s theme view in order to give a unique experience to the user. This app makes the best out of its 8.1 OS so as to ensure that the user never gets bored while using it.
Metro Look Launcher: Metro Look Launcher is similar to the look of Windows 8.1 Operating system. This app declares the exact look of the windows 8.1 operating system. It’s not bind with any features that you’ll find in the Windows operating system. Aside from this you can change the icons of the apps and as well resize the icons and titles of the apps. 
Home 10 Launcher:  This is a windows 10 launcher for android phones, home 10 launcher is another outstanding app on this list as the name implies. This application supports live caption as well as the apps which are installed on your device. A modified notification toggle is been shown once the app has been configured an installed. Apart from this, the Home 10 Launcher offers lots of individual requirement features in order to make the Android look special and unique
Metro UI Launcher 10:This application is known for its ultimate operation. No wonder why the developers took Windows 10 as inspiration and have come up with Metro UI Launcher 10. This application is out rightly free to download and use. Metro UI Launcher 10 does a complete renovation of your android device and delivers an impressive look on your device. You will surely be pleased with the kind of smoothness you’ll get using this incredible Microsoft application, because there would be no glitches or bugs at all.
Above are few of the best windows launcher for android to get stunning windows UI . You can go through the apps one after the other and install anyone of your choice. But you need to have it at the back of your mind that, you can do everything you do regularly on your android device even though you are on Windows UI.
I hope this article is helpful, thanks for reading and stay tune for more articles by Gadgetspirit. Until then stay blessed. 

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