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Clash of Clans COC Archer Queen |  Upgrade, Levels, Heroes, Tips, Skills

Summary Of This Hero Unit:
Archer Queen is the best fighter among all archers because she got more Hit Points + More Damage + and the maximum firing range. When the Archer Queen altar is build Archer Queen will automatically spawned on your village for the cost of 40,000 Dark ElixirSimilar to the Barbarian King is once summoned she never dies (an Immortal) but if she's injured badly or fallen during battle then he needs to regain her health by sleeping for a period of time.

How to Strategically Use Archer Queen to Win Clash of Clans Game?

1. Offensive Strategy with archer queen:
A good strategy to use her in a group with Giants like Barbarian King, PEKKAs, Golems and mixed with other archers, by using this way the giants will work as a protective shield while Archer queen and other archers file arrows to the enemies in range and weaken them before they reach the center of the group and specially against Air Units. With her new Royal Cloak Ability she can destroy one extra building for 50% almost immediately.

2. Defensive Strategy with archer queen:
Archer Queen is more effective in defense because she can Hit harder and attack faster, you can sue archer queen with barbarian king side by side to protect both ends of the village or use them on the same place to provide more protection on one location however the archer queen is better in defending your village then the barbarian king due to her range damage and her ability to attack air troops but when comparing to barbarian king she has lower Hit points.

Special Ability's / Skills of the Archer Queen
1. She shots 3 arrows at once
2. She can shoot within a range of 5 Tiles
3. She has the special Clock ability
4. She uses an Improved X-Bow
5. She does not effected by the Spring Trap

What is the cost to upgrade Archer Queen?
Archer Queen has 45 Levels to be upgraded and after the initial cost of 40,000 Dark Elixir it costs 22,500 to 198,000 for each Level up and until level 14th it'll take 7 Days in Time for each upgrade and from Level 15 to 45b it'll always take 7 Days for the upgrade.

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Clash of Clans Barbarian King | COC King, Upgrade, Levels, Hero, Tips, Skills

Summary Of This Hero Unit:
The Barbarian King is the leader of all units of the game and he is bigger and stronger than other units. When the altar is build barbarian king will automatically spawned on your village for the cost of 10,000 Dark Elixir. Best about him is once summoned he never dies (an Immortal) but if he's injured badly or fallen during battle then he needs to regain his health by sleeping for a period of time.

Barbarian Kings (Guard Mode)
While at Guard Mode, the Barbarian King will drift in circles round his Altar, sometimes seen leaping over walls too.

Barbarian Kings (Sleep Mode)
While in sleep mode he can't attack or used for a fight, sleep duration depends on the current Level of the Barbarian King + the damage needs to be recovered, means more the Level and Damage is, more the health regain time. Additionally Gems can be used to increase the healing rate of the hero.

Alter Of  The Barbarian King
If yo see an enemy Village with en Empty Altar it means the enemy Barbarian King is in sleep or getting upgraded. 

What are the Levels & How To Upgrade Barbarian King?
Level starts from L-1 and ends in L-40, He can be upgraded using Dark Elixir, when he's upgraded he gain more power, hit points, attack and strength at each level, to upgrade Barbarian king it'll cost L-1 = 10,000 Dark Elixir, L-2 = 12,500 Dark Elixir, L-3 15,000 Dark Elixir and it grows with each Level. 

At level 5, the Barbarian King gains an Special Ability called "Iron Fist" which can be used on the battlefield. It partially heals him, summons around twenty additional Barbarians and grants that the Barbarian King and some other surrounding Barbarians increased speed and damage.

Common Questions which Clash of Clans Players Have:

What is the building time of Barbarian King?
Starting from 12 Hours and to Six days until reach Level 15 and after level 15 it's always Seven days.

Is Barbarian King worth it?
It looks like it requires lot of Dark Elixir to upgrade him but in the game he'll be your most valuable Strategic unit when combined with other units because he's Immortal, Great Hit Points, Massive Attack and Strength + his Iron Fist Ability.

Barbarian King Vs Archer Queen Which one is Better?
Well each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, however in short we can say that Barbarian King is the best Tank (Ground Attack) and Archer Queen is the best Archer (Air Attack) unit in this Android App Game, 

Can Barbarian King Defend and Attack while in asleep?
Barbarian King is in asleep because he was defeated in battle and lost hit points and is regenerating health. During this time he will not be able to defend your village from attackers.

Barbarian King vs PEKKA Which one is Better?
Also PEKKA are fantastic units, it is difficult to overcome the Barbarian King. He might be pricey obtain but the simple fact that he can be utilized over and over way you will not need to pay out a great deal of funds every time. A Barbarian King may also be updated to finally have more hit points and strike power than even the maximum level of PEKKA.

Hero Pors:
The Barbarian King works good together with your main attack forces since he adds a few tanking power with his enormous hit points and also adds great amount of damage combines with his special ability Iron Fist.

Hero Cons:
Not like the Archer Queen, the Barbarian King doesn't come in handy when it comes to destroying buildings and air units and constructing a funnel to the troops. The main reason is as simple since it's clear that the Barbarian King is slow, does not deal that much harm with no capability and can not take anything down contrary to a wall without needing to damage the wall first. Doesn't protect the whole area but around the Altar.

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 Lords Mobile Best Heroes List | Top 10 Reviews

1. Death Knight
Name: Shane, Species: Un-dead Human, Movement: Running
Death Knight is the best tank in the game, he dies and comes back to live. Deals 105/110/120/140/200% Squad attack as damage to enemy Troops.

Hero Skills:
Desolation: Unleashes a chill, dealing damage and inflicting Knock back and Freeze to nearby enemies in a large area for 3 seconds.

2. Demon Slayer
Name: Shroud, Species: Un-dead Human, Movement: Running
Fights harder than any other hero. He immediately goes to the back side to fight and allows the front side hero's to handle attack while he handles the back side hero's. He works as a perfect unit. Demon Slayer is also the most viscous players in this game if upgraded properly. This hero is irreplaceable.

Hero Skills:
Spin and smashes close enemies in big area, causing damage 2x times and reducing M-CRIT for 6 seconds. Deals physical damage to enemy units. increase with skills level @ 100% chance of wining with this attack if enemy units are below level 42.

3. Death Archer
Name: Cathiss, Species: Elf, Movement: Running
With her pretty innocent eyes, seduces her victims and lures them in for the kill. She sets out planning to demonstrate her superiority within the Elves. She treats her victims like toys, finding pleasure in torturing them.

Hero Skills:
Venom Shot Fires a poisonous arrow at the enemy dealing damage and inflicting Poison for 4 seconds and Toxic Blast Hurls a grenade, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium range around the target, inflicting Poison for 3 seconds.

4. Black Crow
Name: Chadra, Species: Drow Movement: Running
This Hero is a renowned archer having a nickname for bringing bad luck to others. This earned her the name "Black Crow." Like most of other Drows, Chadra hates Humans because of their tyranny. She participates actively in their wars, trusting to instigate additional battle.

Hero Skills:
Arrow Rain Fires a barrage of arrows, blanketing a medium area. Hits enemies in range 3x times each and Achilles' Shot Fires an arrow at an enemy's weak spot, dealing damage and inflicting Bleeding for 3 seconds.

5. Bombin Goblin
Name: Tinkus, Species: Goblin, Movement: Running
As a Hero Tinkus includes a cavalier enthusiasm for explosives. Coupled with his mischievous nature, this really is just one Goblin everybody ought to be careful of; particularly if he's in a happy mood.

Hero Skills:
Chain Reaction - Throws multiple bombs at the target, dealing damage 5 times to all enemies in a medium area and Big Bomb - Throws a bomb at the target, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area.

6. Child Of Light
Name: Sparky, Species: Lapin, Movement: Running
The Lapins are forest dwellers with tremendous strength and a serious sense of smell. They're Also worshipers of Apollo, God of the Sun. Consequently their descendants are known as the Children of Light so this Hero is one of them.

Hero Skills:
Apollo's Brand - Attacks the target with the power of the Sun, causing damage to close enemies in a medium area and inflicting Stun for 5 seconds and Apollo's Ward - Wields a magical barrier to protect the weakest ally, absorbing all incoming damage for 4 seconds.

7. Prima Donna
Name: Felcia, Species: Pixie, Movement: Flying
Pixies are miniature, winged sprites with magical voices. Pixie wings function as a portal into the fantasy realm. In theory, it is possible for you to reside in fantasies. Amidst this endless warfare, Felicia can not shake the doubt that her truth is just a fantasy.

Hero Skills:
Athena's Anthem - Sings Athena's Anthem, healing all allies and applying a heal for 4 seconds and Sonic Howl - Unleashes a deafening howl, causing damage to a target.

8. Sea Squire
Name: Lochfin, Species: FishMan, Movement: Running, Swimming
The Merfolk Chief Lochfin's eyes have been fixed on the towns of Man; he hungers for the taste of their Man-flesh behind these large city walls. Over time, Merfolks gained the capability to survive both land and from the water. Equipped with the insatiable desire, they feed on almost anything like humans.

Hero Skills:
Tidal Wave - Sends a furious tide upon the target in a medium area, dealing damage for 5 seconds and Wild Vortex - Unleashes a vortex that bounces among enemies, dealing damage up to 6 times.

9. Elementalist
Name: Rasmus, Species: Elemental, Movement: Flying
Rasmus is a 20,000-year-old protector of the Elementals. He shows great interest from the physical world and spends his entire life there exploring its own wonders.

Hero Skills:
Seismism - Summons long distaence tremors that shake the earth, dealing damage to all enemies in a range and Elemental Shot - Releases a magical arrow fused with the power of fire and ice, dealing damage to all enemy units in a small area around the main target.

10. Shade
Name: Blink, Species: Drow, Movement: Running
10th Hero in our list is Blink and he is a barbarous and effective assassin that hasn't failed a mission. Nothing gets in the way of Blink and its prey. Blink softly slides a dagger round its victim's throat. Seconds after, Blink vanishes back into the dark night.

Hero Skills:
Deals up to 200% squad attack as well as damage to the enemy troops, moves quickly to the side of the enemy to attack, dealing damage to all enemies in a small area, attacking each 3 times. Physical damage increases with respect to hero level.

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Best Legendary Heroes Review in Castle Clash - Part 2, Android, APP, Game

7. Dread Drake
Hit Points: 4800, Attack Power: 240, Flying: No
The Dread Drake is a Mythical Hero with quick moving speed and among the Greatest Hit Points of all heroes but this hero can only be acquired through gems, cards or events . He's also referred to as the Pirate Captain. His ability Cannon Blast deals 90 percent damage to 4 arbitrary goals & stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 90% of damage to 4 random targets & stuns them upto 1.5 seconds. Negates 45% of damage taken for 2.5 seconds. Has Level 5 Revitalize & fast Energy recovery.

8. Anubis
Hit Points: 3600, Attack Power: 205, Flying: No
Anubis is the sole known legendary hero which may revive up to 3 times. Anubis's ability, like Triton's, reaches a max upto 100 times. Anubis can only be acquired through rolling with in game Gems.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 80% attack damage to a maximum of 100 enemies and reduces their attack by 15% for 10 seconds. Cool down time is: 8 seconds. Hero also transforms for 12 seconds, gaining immunity to Silence and Calamity, reducing damage received by 20%, and reducing Skill cooldown to 5 seconds.

9. Ghoulem
Hit Points: 4800, Attack Power: 200, Flying: No
Attack damages around 8 neighboring enemies dealing 1/12th damage per target unit each 0.4 minute up to a maximum of 12 times per target over the 5 minutes skill duration. Can cure up to a maximum of 20 heroes every 0.4 seconds within a variety of 20.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals damage equal to 60% attack to nearby enemies over 5 seconds. Also restores Hit Points equals to 120% attack to allies & reduces their damage taken by 10% for 5 seconds. This Hero is also immune to Stun and Fear.

10. Lil_Nick
Hit Points: 2000, Attack Power: 215, Flying: No
Lil' Nick is the 10th Legendary Hero in our list. Frostbite deals 100% assault damage to 15 target units each 6 minutes, and frees them for 1 minute. Lil'Nick's Frostbite mechanically procs if he's attacking and defending.

Skills At Level-1:
Increases own attack by 100% and CRIT Rate by 15% for 9s. Cooldown for 12 seconds. Also has Frostbite Talent, which deals 100% attack damage upto to 15 targets every 6 seconds and freezing them for 1 seconds.

11. Arctica
Hit Points: 2600, Attack Power: 220, Flying: Yes
This mythical hero can't be hired and can only get by going through game events. Advantage of Arctica as a flying unit is that it can't be attacked by melee ground units or with the Cannon Tower.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals damage equals to 100% attack to enemies in front, freezing them for 1.5 seconds and buildings for 2.5 seconds, removing all buffs. Hero has level 5 Condemnation. Cooldown time 6 seconds.
12. Spirit Mage
Hit Points: 1200, Attack Power: 270, Flying: Yes
He's a Mage and is the 12th hero in our list, and he has ranged attacks. His brilliance, Magic Missile does a great deal of damage to several targets, and so is effective at wiping out many buildings and Heroes in 1 attack.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 200% damage to 2 random nearby targets and it rapidly grows with next skill levels as 2000, 10,000, 30,000, 70,000 etc.

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Best Legendary Heroes Review in Castle Clash - Part 1, Android, APP, Game

Castle Clash is a similar clash of clans game. Both have many variations, but items are equivalent, so. As an instance, two heroes have to fight them. On the other hand, the jolt of this castle, you are able to do over ten heroes of all sorts. They may be helpful for all kinds of fights, progressively the other heroes, and a number of different items, such as building increases, battle strategy, along with others. Keep reading to understand how to effectively use heroes in this game.

1. Destroyer 
Hit Points: 3200, Attack Power: 260, Flying: No
Is a Legendary Hero which uses melee strikes. His ability Devastation damages and stuns all components within an AoE radius, as well as Allergic harm and raises his own ATK Speed. Destroyer is accompanied by an inherent ability Life Drain 5/8 (Recover 5 percent HP whenever the Hero creates an assault.) . Destroyer is useful in all game types.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 150% Attack to nearby enemies & Stuns them for 1 second. For 5 seconds, boost Attack Speed by 10% & deflects 10% damage. CD: 8 seconds. Has Level 5 Life Drain.

2. Aries
Hit Points: 1800, Attack Power: 280, Flying: No
He's a Mage type hero using a ranged regular assault and all-round proc range. His brilliance Calamity strikes arbitrary enemies, reducing their power and silencing (disabling) their skills. Aries is useful in every match.

Skills At Level-1: 
Does Damage equal to 120% Attack to three Heroes, reducing their Energy by 20 and inflicting Silence for 1 second. Cool-down: 7 seconds.

3. Michael
Hit Points: 5500, Attack Power: 195, Flying: Yes
Michael is a Mythical Hero he can fly and can be an auto proc hero and can be hired using gems. His Summoned Archangel can't be targeted and is resistant to stun and anxiety.

Skills At Level-1:
Deflects 16% Damage taken for 6 seconds. Also increases Attack and Attack Speed of 6 allied Heroes by 18% for 8 seconds. Cooldown time: 8 seconds. When attacked, Hero has 50% chance of summoning an Archangel for 8 seconds. Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

4. Demogorgon
Hit Points: 3200, Attack Power: 230, Flying: Yes
This hero can't be hired in the game and might best be obtained thru the game progress. Demogorgon cause a situation known as "blindness" which reasons the inflicted hero to miss with each hit for a positive period of time.

Skills At Level-1:
Strikes two random enemies three times over 2 seconds, dealing total Damage equals to 210% Attack to each target and inflicting Blinded for 1.5 seconds. Also gains immunity to Damage from attacks and increases CRIT Rate by 20% for 2 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds. Hero is immune to Stun and Fear.

5. Heartbreaker
Hit Points: 2000, Attack Power: 210, Flying: Yes
Her ability is to cause heart attack damages two nearby enemy buildings, troops, or heroes every zero 4 seconds for four seconds. 20 missiles overall are fired. every missile which hits a hero reduces that hero's power with the aid of 20, and the regular +15 strength advantage does not apply to Heartbreaker's missiles.

Skills At Level-1:
Deals 50% Attack Damage to 2 nearby enemy targets every 0.3 seconds for 4 seconds and reduces their Energy by 20. Also restores Hit Points equal to 15% of Damage dealt. Cooldown: 4 seconds. Critical hits from skill and basic attacks deal 2.5x Damage. Heartbreaker is permanently immune to Stun and Fear.

6. Valentina
Hit Points: 1600, Attack Power: 215, Flying: Yes
Eliminates Silence from close by allies, restoring their power by means of as much as 24 over 2 seconds and increasing their CRIT resist fee by 5%. Hero is resistant to Silence and conditions as a result of Aries's ability Calamity (Hero will nonetheless take Damage from the skill). Cooldown time: 6 seconds.

Skills At Level-1:
This hero can Removes Silence from nearby allies, restoring their Energy by up to 24 over 2 seconds and increasing their CRIT Resist Rate by 5%. Hero is immune to Silence and conditions caused by Aries's skill Calamity Cooldown time: 6 seconds.

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Clash of Lords 2 Top 10 Best Heroes - Part-2

Clash of Lords 2 Best Heros  |  Top 10 Review

6. Demon Slayer
Hero Skills: Devil's Onslaught, Salvation Troops
Demon Slayer is a goofy looking black monster that wears a complete set of gold knight armor. On his left arm that he wields a defense made from the skull of a wicked creature. Demon Slayer is a Strong Epic Melee Hero and one of the Best and 6th one in our Top Ten List with some rather special utility keeping him applicable in several game modes despite being outclassed by additional melee heroes in a lot of ways. His ability was quite helpful for having the ability to wipe out a high number of mercenaries simultaneously.

His real utility comes in a aid skill that's unmatched and an extremely unique celestial ability. At its best his aid ability raises the amount of mercenaries beneath the heroes control by 12 that is more than two times as far as the next greatest heroes.

7. Blockhead
Hero Skills: Gaia's Rage, Savage Oath
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Blockhead is a massive stone figure that seems to be wearing armor made from stone. Blockhead is a exceptional Epic Melee Hero that has preserved usefulness. He's in a position to raise Hero Attack Rate around 50 percent that's hugely beneficial to all heroes.

His ability may substantially increase the Attack Rate and Speed for himself and all friendly Executioners.

8. Hydrasaur
Hero Skills: Azure Surge, Ice & Fire
Hydrasaur is a two led ragged flying monster. Half of the body is coloured blue while the other half is red. As a flying hero his unaided attack speed is 1 strike per second that's true for each flying hero. Hydrasaur's Divine Skill supplies a highly effective enthusiast for many flying units, these international buffs can be quite successful in some Game Modes.

Hydrasaur's skill corrects all of allied heroes according to Hydrasaur's Attack. The quantity of recovery is quite outclassed by other healers. In lv 25 Hydrasaurs ability fixes for 6,400+480 percent of Hydrasaur's Attack.

9. Skull Mage
Hero Skills: Source Beam, Covert Forces
Skull Mage seems like a spector with big red eyes and demon horns. Skull Mage is a Epic Ranged Hero who's a vital serenity of the Wizard Mercenary strat where you load up your team with the top Heroes who direct Wizards to be able to deal the most damage possible.

The ability is uncertain as it really fans all allied Wizard Mercenaries as may be found by a luminous blue orb over all components having the buff.

10. Dark Rider
Hero Skills: Destruction Halo, Dark Blessings
Dark Rider is a fearsome looking knight that amuses a pair of intimidating heavy armor and riding a fiery black stallion. Dark Rider is a epic melee hero. Together with his high HP and also his harm diminishing active ability, he's best suited to the function of a tank. Dark Rider can reach Enlightenment. Doing this improves virtually every facet of him.

His ability employs a enthusiast to himself and user-friendly Executioner mercenaries which raises Attack by a little and Damage reduction by a substantial sum for the 15 seconds that is exactly the exact same length as the skills cooldown.

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Clash of Lords 2 Best Heros  |  Top 10 Review

1. Bullhead
Hero Skills: Bulldozer, Bully
Bullhead is a bull with a humanoid figure, or as his title implies he's a human having a bullhead.He does also have hooves for feet, but his hands are definitely human. Bullhead is a Powerful Hero and one of the Best and First one in our Top Ten List with the capability to set out some punishment whilst at the same time staying alive for long enough to create that punishment depend that isn't too typical from the game as most melee heroes are either farther towards the tanky or bursty side. He controls Ox Warrior mercenaries that go after guards as their principal goal.

His ability deals strong aoe harm both in a circle round him having an area of effect size very similar to that of Ambrosia's ability Retribution. The ability also gives his assault frontal region of effect and promotes his harm loss significantly for its length. Additionally his ability debuffs enemy strike rate greatly and fans the assault of all of your ox warriors.

2. Abyss Demon
Hero Skills: Blood Feast, Deadly Aura
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Abyss Demon is a armored demon having a wicked looking tail that wields a giant sword where he brings his foes to his knees. Abyss Demon is a very powerful Epic Melee Hero that cannot just match the use of main tank, but chief team fixes too. He's among the few heroes from the game that has Enlightenment unlocked.

His ability heals himself for every strike he makes and cure his party to get roughly half the sum. This heal can be unbelievably important at high levels and because it's purely dependent on him assaulting could be significantly promoted by raising his attack speed.

3. Chiron
Hero Skills: Doppleganger, Barbed Plate
Chiron is a centaur who wears a jousters helmet equipped with two forward facing red horns. He's got a strong upper body by which he quickly fires off flaming arrows in his foes. Chiron is a very versatile Epic Hero who will meet many different different functions throughout the centre degrees but loses a number of his punch to additional heroes in maximum levels.

His ability boosts the assault of all of your Sharpshooters, not only the ones under Chiron's command. This ability is fundamental to Sharpshooter established strats. His ability also produces numerous powerful clones who consume a bunch of damage.

4. Arctic Lord
Hero Skills: Avalanche Dash, Healing Winds
Arctic Lord is a frozen demon like hero who wears a helmet with large bull horns and samurai looking armor with a large red cape. Arctic Lord is a melee hero with special utility.His assault is fair although falling down the list because new strong heroes join the rankings. His celestial makes him invincible for an extraordinary amount of time that may be quite successful in some Game Modes.

His ability fees, or more obviously twists into the furthest enemy possibly dealing a crippling quantity of harm and returns to get started.

5. Pan Goli
Hero Skills: Ragna Rocker, Endless Fury
Pan Goli is a football madman, or angry squirrel? Pan Goli is a very powerful Epic Caster. He's categorized as a competitive hero that's an apt description because he's among the very destructive aoe skills in this game. His skills give him the usefulness to maintain a potent presence in certain game modes and his aide ability is among the most effective in this game.

His Active Skill really sticks 4 fireballs at independent enemies along with his aide ability offers invulnerability for its length when the heroes hp falls to 1 and Divine Skill collapses back, damages, stuns, and reduces harm of numerous Heroes. At Pisces that his Divine gains the further impact of inflicting bleeding.

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There are many apps here on Google Play Store which are essential for android mobile phones or tablets. But some apps are needed in PC too. Today we will help you in downloading and installing those apps on your PC or laptops. 

SoundHound Music Search Pro APk

Sound Music Search is an android app that will find and tell you the name of the song playing in your mobile phone because sometimes we didn’t  know which song we are listening to. Sound Hound is a appropriate musical application to discover all kinds of details about any music or songs as well as other songs related information in less than couple of seconds.

The only requirement to run this application is an android phone or iOS phone. That's why, we can say that the "Soundhound Music Search" app is a great app that is available on the Google Play Store.

You can download this app on your android handsets  by typing Soundhound in search box of Google Play Store (or by typing URL of Full Pro Version Soundhound app on Google Play Store). If you are interested to know about how you can run soundhound in PC, this is right place for it. 

PC users cannot download and install directly this app from Google Play Store. In this article we will guide you the complete process, So please follow it by 1 by 1 steps method.  So today we will tell you how to install Soundhound Desktop on your PC. It is very easy to learn. Let's go for it.

This process will take a few minutes.


There are some important features of Soundhound Web which is necessary to know before you install it in your PC or Laptops. 
  • Popular music search app with 300 million+ downloads worldwide
  • Play any of your favorite songs and watch the music video with their embedded YouTube player, that’s make Soundhound special
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  • Import your recently searched music and favorites with ease

How to Install SoundHound Music Search on Windows, PC, Laptop

You must download  Bluestakes in your PC, actually Bluestakes is one of the best converter which helps you in transferring android apps in PC or Laptops. 
  • First of all, install "Bluestacks app player" on your PC, Laptop or Windows
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it and search Soundhound on search box. 
  • Now install the "Soundhound Music Search" from the search results
  • That's all, now enjoy by using Soundhound Pro Hacked Full Paid Version Apk Music Search App on your PC. 
It is an free process, but its requires only a good internet connection. Now you can play SoundHound Music Search on your PC, Laptop or Windows. Hope you like our tutorial! 

Have fun!